Pokemon craze has embarrassed lots of players. But it’s done some good too

Antoinette Lobello, Perspective Editor

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that has spread across the world. Pretty much everyone and their mother knows someone who plays Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality game that takes the fictional pokemon and brings them into real life. Through the game people can catch Pokemon and evolve them and try to “collect ‘em all.” Real life businesses and monument are either Pokemon Gyms or Pokestops where layers can get free items or battle to become Gym leaders. At level five people choose a team to defend and soon take on that persona.

There are multiple stories out there about people getting into trouble while playing. Whether they are driving while playing, trespassing to catch pokemon, or are being targeted by lures. While all of these are bad and make the game less enjoyable, there are some great things to come of Pokemon Go.

First, it has done something the American Government has been trying to do for many years. It has gotten people out of the house and walking. Sure, they’re looking at a phone screen the entire time but at least they are out and moving. The government has spent millions on trying to get people moving and this game did it in like a few seconds.

Second, this game has been a way for people to make friends in a new way. Rachel Cao wrote a story for CNN,  “How ‘Pokemon Go’ is helping kids with autism and Asperger’s”, about how Pokemon Go is helping children with Autism and Asperger’s become more social and be able to go out and make friends. She brings up a boy named Ian Thayer, who has Asperger, who began to play Pokemon Go and was overcoming parts of his struggles with going outside and being social.

“He’s willingly starting to go out and going to Pokestops, get Pokeballs and catch creatures, whereas he didn’t have the interest to go outside before,” Stephanie Barnhill , Ian’s mother, said in an interview for the article. “He’s not a go-outside-and-play kind of kid. But this game has enabled him to want to reach out to people and strike up conversations about creatures that they’ve caught.”

And finally, Pokemon Go is a way for people to bring their favorite childhood card game into the real world. They are able to collect Pokemon and evolve them so they are able to collect them all. They can show off to their friends that they have 20 Pikachus or have enough Magikarp to evolve them, which takes 400 candies to do so. While players can’t trade Pokemon as of this moment, it soon will be possible in an update to be released in 2017.

While we have the good, the bad also loves to dig their way to the surface. Yes, people play Pokemon Go while driving and end up hurting people. However Niantic, the Pokemon Company, has tried to combat that. Whenever the servers for Pokemon Go realize someone is going over 30 mph, a message will appear on the screen saying you can’t play while driving but they do give the option to say “I’m a passenger.” At the beginning of the game there is a message about different little warnings about trespassing and driving while playing, both big no for game play.

Whether you detest the game and for all it stands or will go down with your team, Pokemon Go is here to stay. Now if only Niantic could figure out how to stop third-party hackers.