Lemonade stand raises money for cancer research

When reading teacher Kimberly LeRette-Lewis and her students read a story a cancer patient mentioning Alex Scott, she got some strong reactions.

Scott was diagnosed at the age of one with a neuroblastoma she would die from seven years later. By the age of four, however, she had started her own lemonade stand and donated the funds—about a million dollars–to cancer research.

That got her and her students thinking. One high school class couldn’t eliminate cancer, but that didn’t mean there weren’t still ways to fight the disease regardless.

“My classes and I decided to host our own lemonade stand to show that we can also make a difference in the fight against cancer,” LeRette-Lewis said in an email. “We set a goal of $1,500, since that is the amount that will provide a day of funding for cancer research.”

Alex’s Lemonade Foundation is still operating today, raising funds for pediatric cancer research and providing transportation for patients and their families when treatment is far from home. Lake Park’s contributions have so far totaled over $1,000.

What can buying a raffle ticket get you? Besides fighting cancer? Take a look.
What can buying a raffle ticket get you? Besides fighting cancer? Take a look.

Students can purchase their lemonade at East Campus this week, or make donations and buy raffle tickets online, via the Lake Park Alex’s Lemonade fundraising page.

LeRette-Lewis raffle tickets were for prizes ranging from cookie trays to Walmart gift cards to Bulls tickets.

“(Jeanne Tasch) and I sought out raffle donations that would appeal to students and staff, and we’re hoping to have a great turnout this week,” LeRette-Lewis said.