Presidential Debate: is one option truly better than the other?

Katarzyna Pirog, Staff Writer

On November 9, 2016, our country will know who its new president will be. So far we have had the chance to witness all three presidential debates between businessman Donald Trump (Republican Party) and Secretary Hillary Clinton (Democratic Party). As well as the debate between candidates for the vice president position: Republican candidate Mike Pence and Democrat candidate Tim Kaine. After these debates citizens can conclude that both, Clinton and Trump have positive and negative sides and it is very hard to decide which choice is better for America.

Everyone who is observing the 2016 Presidential Campaign is able to see the controversy that is behind it. Starting with Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal and ending with shameful “locker room talk” by Donald Trump, this presidential election is full of surprises prepared by our two runners for the presidential spot.

Despite the awful scandals involving the two candidates for the presidential election, people have to listen carefully to the ideas that both Clinton and Trump have to offer. As individuals living in the digital age we are focusing only on what media is showing to us.

It is been made easy for us to check Facebook or Twitter and base our opinion upon the posts made by media or celebrities. However, this is something we should try to avoid.

As individuals, we should be able to base our opinion of our personal knowledge. We can’t always rely on media which is trying to make this election look like a circus. We have to analyze  what both candidates say without making one looking worse than the other because both of them are two completely different people with different political background.  

During the debates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presented their policies regarding the most important topics including immigration, foreign policy, American economy,  healthcare, and conflict between African Americans and the police. Both candidates have completely different views on these topics.

The most controversial topics from the list above are of course immigration and foreign policy. Donald Trump made a controversial statement about building a large wall around the American-Mexican border to stop illegal immigration. He believes that a lot of illegal immigrants coming from Mexico are criminals who come to America to sell drugs or rape women.

“We’re going to build the wall, and we’re going to stop it. It’s going to end,” Trump said at a campaign stop in March, referring to illegal immigration. However, something changed in the last few weeks. During the debates that took place on September and October he no longer mentioned the wall he was campaigning on.

Personally, I believe Trump is not completely wrong about the illegal immigration problem that is happening in America. According to USA Today, illegal immigrants are responsible for 9.2 percent of murders in 2013.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has made a good point of explaining how hard most of our immigrants work to succeed and how it just so happens that some of them are illegal immigrants. She wants to create a Comprehensive immigration reform to help immigrants live in America and not be separated from their families.

“We need comprehensive immigration reform with a path to full and equal citizenship. If Congress won’t act, I’ll defend President Obama’s executive actions—and I’ll go even further to keep families together. I’ll end family detention, close private immigrant detention centers, and help more eligible people become naturalized.” – tweeted Clinton on her Twitter account.

I am astonished by both of the candidates and I respect how both Clinton and Trump fight for what they believe in. I admire their determination and how they are able to get up and fight  even when media gives them a hard time.

Yes, the debates were very fun to watch and at times the candidates did not appear nice. They tried to make each other look like complete idiots. They were throwing mud at each other back and forth. At times it was hard to determine which one was more annoying.

As people who have different views on all kinds of topics, we have to choose who we think is right. The most important thing is that we all respect one another no matter who we choose to vote for.

As a eighteen year old girl able to vote, I am not quite sure who I will vote for. I do not really care who will win. I just want a president who will care for this country and will not cause any damage to it.