Lake Park’s Third Annual Jr. High Choral Festival

Maria Cieslarczyk, Staff Writer

The Lake Park Choir program hosted its third annual junior high choral festival on Wed., January 11th, in the West Campus auditorium. After having a full daytime rehearsal, the choir students-along with five middle schools-performed at 7 p.m.

The tradition began when Samuel Baker became Choral Director at Lake Park. The junior highs that participated in this event were Peacock, Medinah Middle, Spring Wood, St. Walter’s, and Westfield.

To begin the concert, each school performed a separate piece. Then, there was a combination of singing for the final two songs. The first was a gospel song, Praise His Holy Name. The last song, Give Us Hope, is a yearly tradition.

The purpose of choir is to use the music as a means to move people. Students can take choir as an elective and perform in multiple concerts such as the junior high choral festival, in the course of one school year.

Choir Teacher Samuel Baker said the benefits of choir extended far beyond the music alone.

“Choir is a place where kids belong, and connect with their greatest friends, while creating and making beautiful music,” he said. “Kids in choir find release from the stresses of their curricular classes and it’s a place where you can see a definite product for your hard work…that doesn’t happen in every class.

“Most importantly, singing is fun,” he added.

The junior high choral festival will continue to be an annual tradition for years to come.