Soccer team preparing for upcoming season

Seth Caines, Staff Writer

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Though the official season has not started yet, the Lake Park High School’s Girls Soccer Team has started their pre-season conditioning, and is preparing for the exciting season ahead.

“The season hasn’t officially started, but the preseason conditioning is going great,” said Varsity Soccer player Cyndi Martinez. “We have a new Varsity coach, Coach Crosby, and we are excited to start the season.”

Due to last season’s successes, the Soccer team has high hopes and confidence in the season ahead.

“Overall, last year the season went great,” said Wendy Aranda-Salgado. “We won some games just like we lost some, but that’s part of the process where you try to make improvements on how you play.”

The season is off to a great start due to their excellent pre-season practices. Conditioning helps prepare the team and gets their bodies ready for the extraneous work ahead.

“Before the season began last year I did conditioning which ran from when we got back from winter break up until tryouts,” said Aranda-Salgado. “Conditioning helped get a head start at bettering some basic skills and I know helped me a lot.”

Even during the off season we see players hard at work in order to get their soccer game on point.
“I played club soccer in the fall and played a new position,” said Martinez. “I used to play defense and now I play forward. I have acquired new skills.”

If you are looking forward to the Soccer season be ready for their new cheer:

“What do we have?” “Strength!” “How do we have it?” “Support!” “Who do we have it with?” “Family!” “Lancers on 3!” “1, 2, 3 Lancers!”

The first Girls Soccer game will be on Mar 13. There they will be able to put all their training to work

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