Collection drive for veterans draws support

Isabella Vitacco, Staff Writer

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Throughout the week of April 24-28, the students at Lake Park collected donations from canned food to baby wipes for the Veteran Service Organization Drive.

The project was a way for students to support American soldiers by donating food and other helpful items.

The drive was mostly ran by students with the help of some teachers and volunteers from the Lake Park community. The service wasn’t looking for money donations, but rather food and necessities. Their goal was to get around 5,000 items to put in packages and send off to them overseas. At the end, they raised 581 pounds of items, equivalent to 4,500 items.

“The students were looking for small need items, things like: beef jerky, fruit snacks, oatmeal, wet wipes,” said art and English teacher Seth Hible.

Items like baby wipes or soap helps the soldier feel more at home and also provides them with a sense of comfort and also a way to clean themselves.

“Items that provide comfort like oatmeal, or even hygiene products like toothbrushes and toothpaste,” Hible said.

Those items were wanted so the soldiers overseas could stay clean and feel good.

At the College of Dupage, they have a service called the Student Veterans Association,   where students get involved with veterans. They help veterans on campus with financial aid and anything else they need help with.

The winning classes at both campuses were Tara Bandemer at East Campus with 751 items, and Clint Anticevich at West Campus with 845 items.

The VSO thanks Lake Park for helping out with the drive and is grateful for the students that helped. Also for collecting all the donations to send overseas to the soldiers that are stationed.

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Collection drive for veterans draws support