Lancers raise money through Powder Puff game for cancer research

Seth Caines, Staff Writer

In Lake Park High School’s lunchroom this week, amongst all the exuberant noise made by students because of their excitement over the upcoming Homecoming week, right next to the table where the staff is selling Homecoming tickets, we saw two Junior Students Council member, Melina Colucci and Ashley Kuril, sitting at a table selling cookies to the students.

The reason for this: they are fundraising for the Powder Puff game to support the organization against Breast Cancer.

“One of our main jobs for student council is fundraising for Powder Puff games,” Colucci said. “We’re selling cookies to help promote Breast Cancer Awareness and try to promote the game. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer awareness.”

Going forward to the Powder Puff game you can see the turnout of not only the hard work of the student council for fundraising and promoting but also the hard work of the student athletes who are playing in the games.

Sophomore Nina Dolan said “I decided to play this year and get involved, Powder Puff is a great way to meet people from all around the school and also making money for a great cause. Overall it was a blast”

The night was very much a success. Lots of people came to support the girls and to support the foundation that the girls were advocating for.

“I didn’t only come out to see my friends play,” said junior Ashley Borgman. “I also came because my great grandmother had breast cancer and her life was greatly affected by that. I like to support foundations that can help people like my great grandmother because I know how much it would’ve meant to my great grandmother to have the money to help with a search for a cure for her cancer.”

People like Ashley’s great grandmother inspired the students, faculty, and families of Lake Park High school to come to the game, donate, and have fun competitively for a good cause.