Theater club to visit London in 2019

Samantha Vandergriff, Staff Writer

Pack your bags, LP! In 2019 we’re headed to Europe! The Lake Park theater department is offering students the chance of a lifetime to go to England.

The trip takes place the summer of 2019, within a week after the school year ends. The trip will last nine days (two days for travel, seven for exploring), and will include a variety of events that is open to everyone. While primarily aimed at students who are active in the theater department, the trip is open to any and all students with an interest of travel, literature, and other cultures who wish to attend.

Kathy Carmona, an active member in the theater department, said the theater department chose London for the trip because of its rich historic aspect, both culturally and in the arts. Students who attend the trip will even get to see three performances from a professional theater in London.

Not only do students get to experience several theatrical performances, but they also participate in an acting workshop, listen to a lecture from a professional actor, sightsee in London, Stratford, Stonehenge, and Bath, and have lots of free time to shop and explore their own interests.

They will also get a tour of the Globe theater and the London National theater, along with many other popular attractions.

“I believe that travel is one of the best educational tools that we have,” Karmona said. “It allows students to gain a different perspective of the world. I think students can gain a lot of confidence traveling, especially traveling out of the country…it broadens their view of the world.”

Of course, recent headlines might give one second thoughts about international travel, but Lake Park is prepared.

“You can’t let what’s happening [in the world] stop you from experiencing things and living your life,” Karmona said.

In addition, several safety measures are being taken in order to ensure the safety of students. Depending on the number of students, up to four teachers will chaperone the excursion. When students have individual time to explore, they are obliged to stay in small groups at all time to guarantee their well being.

Although London in 2019 is guaranteed, the theater department is soliciting help with funding. Lake Park’s Haunted House on October 27 costs $3-5, and  all proceeds will go to directly towards financing the trip. Also, keep an eye out for Lancer Feud Night, which will happen some time in February, and feel free to participate in the multiple bake sales and smaller fundraisers that will happen sporadically from now until the time of the trip.

You can also support the trip by attending any of the performances of the Lake Park theater.