PPS hosts counseling, outreach for community parents over school issues

Grace Biernacki, Staff Writer

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High school is a stressful yet exciting time for not only students but for parents as well. It’s the last couple years before the majority of teens are sent off to college, sometimes hundreds of miles away from home. That thought alone can send parents into a whirlwind of thoughts–is their son or daughter prepared for what’s to come? Have they instilled enough good habits and morals so that their kid will find success out in the big world?

Also on many parents’ minds is how to teach their child to strive for the best without pushing any limits. High school is where students face obstacle after obstacle: hours of homework, exams that seem impossible, the pressure to participate in countless activities. Where do parents fit into the crazy lives of their student?

That’s where Parent University comes in. It’s a free event that parents of any Lake Park student can attend to get these questions and many more answered. Parent University is run Lake Park’s Pupil Personnel Services Team and features guest speaker Jackie Rhew, who has worked in both private and public settings to treat adolescents and adults dealing with problems such as stress, anxiety, and school-related pressures. Rhew’s presentation will inform parents on ways they can help their students achieve success in school without sacrificing their mental health and feeling overworked.

“Every parent can benefit from the opportunity to learn about ways to better understand and help their students,” says Dr. Mitch Berenson, director of Pupil Personnel Services. “We want to provide parents with additional resources to help them at home with their students.”

In addition to Rhew’s presentation, parents will break out into sessions to discuss other important topics such as social media, communication, and decision making. Parents will be encouraged to discover new ways to connect with their child on a deeper level and to lead them in the right direction as they grow and take the next step in their lives.

Parent University will be held at Lake Park’s West Campus on Wednesday, November 8th. The event will take place from 6:30-9pm and reservations are not required. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Berenson at (630) 295-5370.

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