Hello, “Hello Internet!”

Podcast reaches 91st episode discussing techie, cultural issues

Mason Shen, Staff Reporter

On November 1st, Hello Internet, a popular podcast that has millions of listeners, dropped their 91st podcast, in which they discuss singing, the psychology of self-checkout machines, laygo, animal emoji changes at Apple, more ways to be freebooted, ‘nudity’ on YouTube, school photos, plane crash corner, and death and immortality. As much as these topics are completely all over the place, their loose conversational niche has been a cornerstone of their success.

Debuting in 2014, it was intended to only have a run of 10 episodes, or less, given the low enthusiasm of both Grey and Brady, but due to the enormous success of the first few episodes, it has evolved into a long running, and much loved podcast.

Referencing back to H.I #10, Grey mentions how “If there was an award for best 2 guys talking about nothing and everything, we would always win it.” Hello Internet has since earned many awards, such as ITunes’ Best Podcast of 2014, to Radio Times’ Radio and Podcast Champion of 2017, not including the countless “Top ____” lists that always list H.I in the higher ranks the most other podcasts.

The back and forths between Grey and Brady are like Ying and Yang. They are completely different personalities, yet have achieved similar success in the same field. One is an arrogant yet knowledgeable and self-aware character that no one knows or has identified legitimately (and is often portrayed by either a stick figure or a robot), with the other being a soft and warm-heart chap, who’s work ethic and achievements in life completely go opposite than whatever one imagines based on the way he speaks.

Overall, the H.I podcast is an experience one should not disregard or take for granted. The humanity (or robot-ity, depending on who you’re referring to) that these men both show are unique and thoughtful, with the workings that can only be described as intelligence released to roam an open field.