LP Haunted House raises hackles in fear, money in charity

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Reporter

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The Thespians Haunted House was a phenomenal event, and a great place to meet with friends to laugh, talk, and scream!  Lots of people in and out of the Lake Park region came to the spooky event.

The event was a fundraiser for the Thespians trip to London this upcoming spring. The Lancers this year raised a ton of money and scared some people along the way.

The Carnival of Terror, which was the theme for this year’s Haunted House,  was an extremely well coordinated event, and it put even specialized haunted houses to shame.

Actors were positioned in places to give you some of the biggest jolts of your life. The dedicated killer clowns would appear from any corner…to your left, to your right, and even above!

Even after the event, I found that I was still looking over my shoulder. Makeup was applied to the point of being almost gruesomely real. It became clear that although they may be with the circus, these killer performers were not there to clown around.

Victoria Derian, a Lake Park Junior, said “I was like totally scared. Like it was funny but like hella scary you know? I was dead afterwards and crying like super hard. Ten out of ten would recommend.”

Our passionate Lake Park Thespians had used the full extent of their craft, leaving no holds barred. No stone was left unturned, and actors left the audience terrified.

Though the Thespians did not have access to expensive equipment,the production was astounding. Even in the dark chambers of the haunted house, it was still as clear as day that the Lake Park Thespians would do anything to give their fellow Lancers a good time.

“The haunted house was very professional,”said Kayla Rosecrants, a Lake Park thespian who was in the haunted house “Though sometimes the freshman were a little annoying (like always) and would goof off, the haunted house overall was a success. The lighting and sounds were great, and the makeup and costumes were incredible.”

The haunted house instilled fear into others, with actors that terrified many. Lake Park High School’s Haunted House had a great turn out, which helped for their fundraiser, and was a major success.

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LP Haunted House raises hackles in fear, money in charity