LP to host 10th Improvedy Night

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

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Lake Park High School’s theatre department is hosting its tenth Improvedy Night Nov 17, a chance for thespians and faculty to get on stage and do some improv comedy for charity.

Improvedy is sort of like an acting competition between students and teachers and gives lots of students and teachers a chance to show off their theatrical abilities.

Usually, first semester’s performance is a bit of a comedic competition between teachers and students.  

I have done it for two years now for second semester. This will be the first time I do it against teachers.” said Clarissa Consoli, junior. “ I like improvedy because when acting on the spot it makes you really think about what you can say next. My favorite part about it is the fun continuation of plots and the funny moments that take place with that.

Every year there is a theme to improvedy that the students and faculty have to design their comedic improv after. Last year the theme was Star War, but this year it’s time for a change.

“Those that know me know that I am a Star Wars geek,” Improvedy director and English teacher Erik Uppling said. “I finally put the light saber down and encouraged the kids to come up with a theme they like, and they chose the 1980’s.  I find their choice to be totally rad!  Tubular!  

“Another difference (with this year’s theme) is we have a few new faculty members giving this improv thing a shot.  (Student Dean Katie Hamman), (English teacher Karen Fitzer),  and Resource Center Director Aimee Allison), to name a few, are joining us on stage Friday night as we take on the mighty thespians.

But the best and most important part about improvedy is the fact that it is a fundraiser. All the proceeds from the five dollar admission fee go to The Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. Everyone loves supporting the cause while having a good laugh during the show.

There is something very satisfying about making the announcement at the end of the night, telling the audience how much money we raised, and knowing that it is all going to a good cause,” Uppling said. “I would have to say that my favorite part about Improvedy is working with our incredible faculty on stage.  Sure, we are on “stage” every day on our classroom, but these fearless folk come out, give up their time, and do something that they may only do once a year… and they totally shine at it!  

“Improv is not an easy thing,” Uppling added. “There is a lot of anxiety about not really knowing what you are going to say next, and our faculty handle that challenge with class.  I am very proud of my faculty team, and I am really looking forward to playing this coming Friday.

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