Winter cold no reason to skimp on fashion

Being cold doesn't mean you can't look good. See?

Being cold doesn't mean you can't look good. See?

Being cold doesn't mean you can't look good. See?

Sarah Abraham, Staff Reporter

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At the end of the spring, teenagers all around the country go crazy on shorts, tanks and bathing suits because they believe the sale that PacSun is having is a real sale (not a money scam that successfully lures high schoolers in). But when winter rolls around, that excitement is over and everyone just wants to be warm. But your need for warmth doesn’t need to come by sacrificing style. Here are some ways to fight the cold and still look fab!

1. Invest in some good winter shoes.

If you think that your converse are going to make it through the sleet and snow, you’re wrong. Remember the craze in 2012 when everyone wanted Ugg boots? That was for a good reason. $250 boots aren’t for everyone which is why there are some good alternatives. Sorel and Columbia boots retail for less than half the cost off Uggs and are more effective in combating the cold.

2. Blanket Scarves
Maybe you can’t wear jeans everyday. So for one of those days, where you just need your leggings, an oversized sweater and a basic blanket scarf is the way to go. The priciest of scarves start at $100 but more affordable options can be found at Dry Goods and Old Navy for under $20. Since each scarf is a blend of colors, one scarf can be styled for multiple looks


Believe or not, overalls are making a comeback. There was a time where only Handy Manny could rock a pair but now everyone can. Often times, people purchase overalls that are slightly loose so chunk sweaters can be worn underneath. But if you purchase multiple pair you can look effortlessly cool and still have your legs be warm. Usually the sticker price on a pair of overalls is $150 but just wait it out. The ones I purchased from Levi’s were originally but during a sale they reduced to $45. If you can’t wait, stores like T.J Maxx usually sell big brands for less.


When I was in 5th grade, my mom forced me to wear turtlenecks in the winter but now I purchase them myself. It’s how things go in and out of style…like turtlenecks. Once people realize the practicality of certain clothing pieces, they become trendy again. Besides being the most comfortable thing you’ll ever wear, it’ll probably be the coolest thing you’ll wear. Not only can you wear turtlenecks with overalls, you can wear them with leggings, jeans, and sweats. So virtually anything.

Don’t let the cold make your outfits boring. Seize the opportunity this winter to dress like you were made for this weather.

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Winter cold no reason to skimp on fashion