Incoming freshmen get the scoop on electives


Alex Tsymbalisty, Perspective Editor

On Wednesday, January 17th, Lake Park welcomed incoming freshman and their families at their freshmen family night.

At this event, which was held at east campus, incoming freshman and their families were given essential information regarding classes, electives, and what their time at Lake Park would entail.

“Information night is important for incoming families because it allows them to learn about all the different opportunities, in terms of elective courses, freshmen have” said Dr Mitch Berenson, director of PPS at Lake Park.

“This night is like graduation night–it’s the only other time we have an entire grade in the same room,” he said.
In addition to information about electives, freshmen families were also given information about Lake Park’s new 1:1 program.

It was revealed that the class 2021 would not only get a Chromebook for their four years at lake park, but would also get to keep the Chromebook after their time at Lake Park.

Another big focus of the evening was SAT scores. In addition to explaining the freshmen’s PSAT 8 score, the presenter also outlined all the SAT practice tests everyone would take during their time at Lake Park.

There was also a strong focus on improving SAT scores via Khan Academy and other tutoring services.

After the initial presentation, freshmen and their families were allowed to wander around the school and explore all the different classes they could take. Virtually all departments were present that night in order to explain which electives new students could take.

In addition to teachers, there were also high school students present in order to give firsthand testimonies about the classes they have taken. The culinary department even made freshmen families taco bowls.

In the end, many freshmen were impressed by Lake Parks wide variety of electives and classes.

Even though incoming freshmen will only have two open spots for electives each semester, this night will surely make it easier to choose what electives will take up those spaces, and indeed what classes they will take the rest of their four years at Lake Park.