One to one initiative yielding results good for learning, staff, school

Joe Tita, Guest Writer

Lake Park teachers are amazing and make magic happen every day. They continue to implement innovative teaching strategies and experiment with the technologies available to them. We are all privileged to be among such hard-working, caring, and adventurous professionals.

Here are a few examples:

–English teachers are using web-based tools to provide faster, more specific feedback to students, not just after the assignment is turned in, but as the written work is being created.

–Business classes are able to interact more easily with the live stock market and use online financial planning tools; FCS classes have access to a wealth of information- from recipes, to videos of techniques, and more.

–Science students are collaborating on labs in new ways, and there is now greater access to simulation tools, thanks to Chromebooks.

–World Languages is reworking its curriculum to incorporate more authentic target language materials as the entire Internet of Spanish, French, and German media can be accessed by students.

–The Math Department is altering the possibilities for in-class time. Some teachers are “flipping” their classrooms: students watch teacher-produced videos outside of school, allowing for tailored attention and feedback while they are in class.

–The Special Education Department is empowered in their work helping all Lancers receive a high-quality educational experience by being able to access reading, audio, and collaboration tools on Chromebooks.

–Social Studies classes are taking virtual field trips and exploring the world in ways never before possible, thanks to tools like Google Expeditions, Google Maps, and Google Street View.

–Physical Education and Drivers’ Ed students receive video feedback on their performances, all with the goal of encouraging them to reflect and opening the door for a more engaging learning experience.

These examples are just a sliver of all the great new possibilities that our teachers are exploring as a result of the Chromebook 1:1 program, not to mention all the Quizlets, Kahoots!, Remind messages, emails and Google Classroom assignments that are being created and sent.

The current generation of students has learning materials and experiences available to them that no prior generation has ever had, and teachers are embracing the opportunity. The future is bright as students with Chromebooks progress through Lake Park High School.

Students–the Chromebook 1:1 program is not just something for the adults at Lake Park; it is something all Lancers need to support. The motto of our district is “Learning Together for Success.” If your teacher is trying something new with technology, please be supportive and encouraging. Even for adults, it takes courage to step outside of one’s comfort zone. Please, do what you can to encourage and support your teachers by making the classroom a place where they can learn, too.

We are all in this together.

We are… Lake Park!

Mr. Tita is Instructional Technology Leader for Lake Park High School.