Cha Cha for Children: Dance to benefit cancer patients

Maria Cieslarczyk, Staff Reporter

Lake Park students and staff are planning to host a Cha Cha for Children fundraiser for cancer patients on Saturday, February 22.

Cha Cha for Children began in 2010 by staff members who felt it was an important decision to help give back to community members who were cancer patients, including Lake Park families affected by this disease.

“It’s really impactful for the families to know that there are people out there who care,” Kathryn Roll, science teacher and organizer behind the event.

The last Cha Cha for Children was held in 2016.

This year, junior and senior class council members along with individual volunteers are working together to plan different committees for the event. This includes a committee for publicity, prizes, activities, DJ, and food.

Cha Cha for Children will include a dance featuring Coach J.P. Moore as the returning D.J., various activities, and the St. Baldrick’s event in which volunteers can sign up to donate hair.

The T-shirt designs for this year will include popular culture elements such as a Star Wars theme.

Stories will be shared during Cha Cha from families of cancer patients, who will speak of how cancer has changed their lives, but also on the importance of awareness, compassion, and support.

One ticket for the event costs $20, and a T-Shirt will be given.

There will be a competition for fundraising, and groups of people can join in order to win prizes. So far, the event is still in the process of taking donations from different departments for gift-baskets and raffles. The talk of prizes also includes Cubs tickets.

“It’s so important to raise money for this cause because there are so many people helped by Laurie’s Children’s Hospital, and so many different stories that can inspire or change someone’s outlook on cancer and on life,” Roll said.