Lake Park blood drive inspires donations, awareness

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Reporter

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Regardless of our sports and activities, Lancerland is connected by one thing: community. Recently, at West Campus, this Lancer community came together to help people in need of blood all around our area. This event was spearheaded by the West Campus staff and Heartland Blood Centers.

Camille Piazza, a representative of Heartland Blood Centers, reported, “Every pint of blood can save up to three lives.”

To Heartland Blood Centers, all donors and donations are regarded with utmost respect. Volunteers take pride in thoroughly ensuring the comfort of donors and quality of blood alike.

Along with this respect comes speed. Blood needs to be transported to hospitals and clinics as fast as possible in order to help the people who are in desperate need of blood.

Although this is clearly a highly expedited, rapid production system, make no mistake: it is a meticulous science.

For the safety of recipients and donors alike, vigorous and stringent safety guidelines are implemented.

Donors must meet a vast variety of safety guidelines, and all donors are held under brief observation after their donation in order to ensure their safety. But this is only scratching the surface of all the precautions Heartland Blood Centers take.

“The screening process consists of taking blood pressure, temperature, helping the donor to the bed, and taking a pint of blood from the donor. Donors must be at least 16, and have to have parent/guardian permission slips signed in black ink. They must have photo ID and weigh 110 lbs” said Ms. Piazza.

After their donations comes the donor’s favorite part: the entrancing aroma of freshly-baked dessert.

Ms. Piazza remarked, “the donor enjoys cookies. We like them to sit for at least 5 minutes.” After the work is done, the donor can finally savor the decadence of a supremely chocolate chip cookie.

To ensure that he or she can safely walk away, Heartland Blood Centers verifies that a donor regains strength before sending them on their way. Scared as they may come, the donors will always leave with the undeniable smile of satisfaction!

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Lake Park blood drive inspires donations, awareness