Thespians prepare for theater competition

Christiana Gatbunton, Staff Reporter

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The Lake Park Thespians and Drama Department are going to have a busy next few months as they rehearse and prepare for the two IHSA competition plays. The two genres of plays that will compete in the IHSA sectionals on March 18th are called “Contest Play” and “Group Interpretation”.

Each year, the Contest Play is usually dramatic and requires a small to medium sized cast with a performance time of 40 minutes. Ms. Keith is the director of the Contest Play as well as the musical this year, and had the honor of being the director of a Contest Play called Anatomy of Gray that won IHSA drama sectionals and moved on to win 6th place at state last year.

“I have been in Contest Play for the last three years, first as student director, and then as an actress,” said Amanda Brommel, senior.

“The process is so unique from regular theatre shows because it’s competitive and there are certain guidelines that must be followed. These rules make putting on a show a fun challenge, and getting to see what neighboring schools perform what they have worked on is exciting as well.”

The show this year is about a woman who served in the war in Afghanistan coming home with a scarred face and other horrible injuries and trying to navigate back into her old life.

Group Interpretation is a very different style of theatre that uses no constructed set or costumes. The cast themselves serve as narration and as an ever-shifting set to portray a story. This year’s Group Interpretation is an adaption by Erik Uppling, who is also directing the show, of the horror movie/book, IT.

“I was in Group Interpretation last year and I loved it!” Said Brooke Heitman, senior. “I’m excited for IT to be the show this year because Group Interpretation uses a lot of group narrations and I think it could sound spooky, and I can’t wait to see what Mr. Uppling has in store for the show because I think there is a lot of potential to scare the audience with it.”

Besides the cast, Ms. Keith and Mr. Uppling have chosen a few students to be student directors for the shows this year.
Jesslyn Cohen, junior and student director of Group Interpretation said, “I have been in Group Interpretation both years of my high school career and I like that it utilizes all of an actor’s skills; self-control, teamwork, and individuality. I think IT will be something fresh that the judges have never seen before.”

Come out and support our Lancers on March 18th in the Dice auditorium.

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Thespians prepare for theater competition