Operation Snowball continues to inspire students

Emily Reilly, Staff Reporter

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Operation Snowball is a leadership club that focuses on the ideas of alcohol and drug use prevention for youths. It’s run by faculty members Jennifer Menold and Lauren Wozniak and meets Mondays at 3:15 at East campus.

Operation Snowball teaches responsible decision making skills, opportunities to enhance self-confidence, refusal skills, building support systems from peers, finding drug-free alternatives, remaining positive, and developing qualities of leadership.

It recognizes youth as part of the solution and not the drug-related problems in life society. Becoming a part of this Lake Park club will allow you to involve yourself in rewarding activities that may enhance your leadership qualities.

In the past, Operation Snowball has enriched itself in activities such as attending leadership retreats, listening to different speakers, and taking part in both large and small bonding group circles.

From these experiences, those involved in the group grow a close bond with each other. They’re also able to learn how to make responsible, healthy decisions in the future from guest speakers.

“Our goal is to build effective leaders for the future and help foster a sense of community and friendship within the school and community, said English teacher and Snowball sponsor Lauren Wozniak. “Ultimately, through leadership training and group work, Snowball members should be encouraging others to make positive choices throughout their life.”

Those that are a part of Operation Snowball share these positive ideas and feelings and develop a strong relationship with learning to be a leader and setting good examples for other students.

Snowball participants had their CGTI mid-year retreat at ISU over the weekend of January 13. There they were able to meet with other snowball chapters from all over Illinois. Their next retreat will be on March 6.

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Operation Snowball continues to inspire students