SAT prep season underway with courses

Maria Cieslarczyk, Staff Reporter

The SAT’s are coming sooner rather than later, and students are scrambling to prepare for the big day. Wanting to improve SAT scores is more important than anything in the minds of current juniors at Lake Park High School.

Lake Park High School is offering SAT prep classes for current juniors striving to massively improve their scores. On Saturdays, students are studying 55 minutes of each subject, which includes mathematics, reading, and writing. These classes don’t only focus on the concrete parts of the test, teachers also strive to assist the students in understanding abstract aspects as well.

Jenna Abraham, Junior and participant of SAT prep classes, explains how SAT prep affects students like herself.

“SAT prep is definitely worth it because it helps train you to take less time on difficult questions and focus on your strengths” she said.

“Also, these prep classes are run by teachers who make sure to keep the class lively and fun for the kids!”

But how is one supposed to prepare for the big day? Here’s how.

Practice Tests. Taking practice tests on websites such as Khan Academy helps students raise their SAT scores by tens and even hundreds of points. Not only will practice tests help you understand the structure of the average test, but it will also build your test-taking endurance which will help for the future assessments as well.

And don’t forget to guess! The SAT does not penalize for any wrong answers, so guess away.