Varsity, JV wrestlers train hard, train together

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Reporter

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Each and every school day last semester, Lake Park’s wrestlers were training for the competitions of their lives. In the East Campus gym, the Lancers strived and fought for the victories they cherished, helped by the right people they needed. Fighting for our school’s honor, the wrestlers exerted the full limit of their power for the chance of a lifetime.

Wrestling matches, as eventful as they are, are rooted in a very basic tradition of rules, adapted and modified since the time of the ancient Greeks. According to Coach Willis, every match is wrought from the same consistent mixture.

“Wrestling is a total six-minute match, divided into three periods, with at least two minutes per period,” he said. “Wrestlers use different moves to score points, or score a pin and win a match. They can win the match through points or pinning.”

As simple as it may seem, wrestlers have done everything they could to earn the privilege of representing the Lancer Nation in tournaments.

The LP wrestling team is very tightly-knit, yet of course, in Lancer tradition, they will gladly welcome newcomers. Willis would love to train more new wrestlers.

“It’s an open participation,” he said. “You just have to open registration, just like any sport or activity at Lake Park.”

Willis also said the training regimen extended well beyond the actual wrestling mat.

“(It’s very intense),” he said. “(They train for) the cardiovascular endurance of a marathon runner paired up with a weight lifter. We have to use every muscle in our bodies.”

Wrestling, is of course, a full contact sport. Wrestlers must be conditioned through the rigors of daily training and weight lifting to ensure victory.

“Typically we have a 15-20 minute warm-up, drill in improving technical skills, transit to live wrestling, and end with conditioning, which is weight training and cardiovascular workout,” Willis said.

The wrestlers themselves report the hard work’s payoff. Freshman Michele Vavalle was happy to talk about his most recent victory.

“I worked really hard, every single day after school, going to the gym after practice…yesterday in the DVC conference championships, I won in overtime against Nequa Valley.”

Freshman wrestler Jack Boesen, highly renowned and appreciated for his work ethic, is exuberant for the next competitions.

“I made sure to train hard and listen to the coaches and my team mates,” he said. “I’m really excited to wrestle at the varsity level and maybe someday make it into state wrestling.

“As elite as this group is, it is not just a mere organization: it is a family,” he said.

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Varsity, JV wrestlers train hard, train together