“Black Panther” delivers quality action, adventure, drama

The fictional country of Wakanda. Notice the absence of huts.

The fictional country of Wakanda. Notice the absence of huts.

The fictional country of Wakanda. Notice the absence of huts.

Seth Caines, Staff Writer

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The new superhero movie, Black Panther, is an exhilarating movie that has won numerous awards for its outstanding storyline, actors and cinematography. The film is the first to feature a majority cast with people of color that is a superhero movie, the main superhero to be a person of color, and the first superhero movie to be based in the continent of Africa.

The movie takes place in the fictional African country of Wakanda, in which T’Challa— the supposed receiver to the position of  Black Panther— is returning to. T’Challa is returning to Wakanda because his father had recently died and he is going back to the mother country to take his reign as leader of Wakanda. But upon his arrival realizes that there is an alternate person of power from another tribe fighting for the same place as king of Wakanda, and ultimately as the new Black Panther. The entire fate of Wakanda and the future of the Black Panther lineage is then put on T’Challa. T’Challa must then gather the trust of his fellow citizens of Wakanda to go against the antagonist.

Black Panther has broken numerous records. Just in box office records alone, it has sold the most amount of presale ticket. Along with this is the fact that— from it’s release to presidents day— it has made approximately $207 million dollars not including inflation.

At the time of Black Panther’s conception in the early 1900s, Black Panther was a very controversial comic to sell in stores and show to children. This was because, even after the abolition of slavery, racism was still heavily precedent in America. Due to this the general literate populous of America did not want to read a comic about a successful African American. This continued to this day when Marvel created the movie, saying that it was a “risky gamble”. It was a risky gamble on Marvel’s part because the amount of racism, though has significantly decreased, is still alive and well in America. But, though the riskiness of the movie, it still earned the company large praise and lots of money.

In the end Black Panther was a large step towards having a more diverse pop culture in the United States and is significant in the social history of the United States because it started a new era of racial diversity in superheroes and  made in impact in future movies to come.

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“Black Panther” delivers quality action, adventure, drama