Basketball team wraps up season

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Basketball team wraps up season

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Reporter

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This past season, the Lake Park basketball team has been on a roll with a respectable record of 12 wins and 15 losses.

According to Scott Mackey, freshmen basketball coach, this impressive record is the result of teamwork.

“We entered our season with two wins, but I would like to think there are more personal aims and victories that everyone won together,” Mackey said. “Everybody contributes in their own way, and specifically in freshman basketball individual achievements are less important.”

In addition to teamwork, the basketball team also worked to score points in transition a period where teams are frequently exhausted, demoralized, and downright disoriented.

“We try to score a lot in transition. When you take the ball immediately, you try to score before the other team can set up their defense,” Mackey said.

This strategy means that the team mostly relies on rebounds and layups to score points.

“We probably only shoot 1 or 2 3 pointers a game,” Mackey said.

However, this team-oriented play style doesn’t mean that certain players don’t shine out on the court.  Daniel Pevkowski, a freshman basketball player, had plenty of memorable moments during this season.

“I hit a buzzer-beater layup into overtime,” he said. “I scored 12 points in our last game.”

Despite his impressive performance this season Pevkowski is still looking to improve his skills.

“I am really looking forward to getting better overall in basketball,” he said.

This attitude can be seen throughout the players and coaches. In the next season, the Lancers are anticipating nothing short of victory, and are sure to set records once again.

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Basketball team wraps up season