Girl’s gymnastics ends season with state qualifier

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Girl’s gymnastics ends season with state qualifier

Seth Caines, Staff Reporter

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Junior Noelle Nelson on the balance beam.

The girl’s gymnastics team had a tremendous season this year.

Whether it was at regular meets, or at conference, sectionals, and state, the girl’s gymnastics team have taken home medals. Their tremendous season was the result of the hardcore training that came about throughout the year.

The varsity team went to state for the third time in a row this year, and where their highest score was 144.95.

Lake Park gymnast Noelle Nelson, junior, said “This season went very well for me and for the rest of the team. With hard work and dedication, we were able to score some very high scores as a team, which put us in a great position leading up to conference and sectionals.”

The team did very well this season, with Kelly Zendher, varsity gymnast and senior qualifying for state. In the end Zendher performed well, scoring  but this couldn’t have been done without immense talent and dedication to the sport.

Nelson said, “During a normal day, practice would start off with conditioning. This could be anything from lifting weights, to doing pull ups on the bars or standing back tucks on the floor.”

Conditioning is an essential part of gymnastics because not only does it make gymnasts stronger, but it enables them to do more complex skills, and also prevents against getting injured. Without conditioning, the team would not have successfully made it throughout the season as strongly… or at least without hurting themselves.

Nelson said, “After conditioning, the whole team stretches together. During this time, we usually talk about meets that are coming up, how we did in a meet that just recently passed, or just about how our day went. Then we finally get to practicing the events.

“Typically, we spend about 45 minutes to an hour on each event, but some girls specialize in certain events and, therefore, spend longer amounts of time practicing that event,” Nelson said. “If one of the girls is attempting a new trick, we always make sure to cheer them on.”

The girls are always glad to put in the effort because of their deep passion for the sport in which pushes their motivation to do well further. The girls’ passion for the sport makes them good teammates as they support each other in practice, meets, and everyday life.

Nelson said “My favorite part of practice is when we practice floor routines, because at some point in each of the floor routines, we all yell “Lake Park” while making the school logo with our hands. It’s our way of having school spirit, and no other school except us does it.”

At the end of the season the Lake Park Girls Gymnastics team performed great. Congratulations to Zendher on her State qualification, and we cannot wait to see how the team does next year.

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Girl’s gymnastics ends season with state qualifier