Juniors submit National Honors Society applications

Alex Tsymbalisty, Perspective Editor

On February 8th, Lake Park juniors with a GPA over 4.75 were invited to apply for membership in the Lake Park chapter of the National Honor Society.

Membership in NHS comes with many benefits including access to scholarships and added consideration in college application.

However, in addition to academic skills, juniors who wish to be a member of NHS must also exhibit service to both their school and community. They must also exhibit upstanding moral character.

NHS applicants will be reviewed by past and current Lake Park teachers to determine if they are truly worthy of being in and reaping the immense rewards of NHS.

If an applicant is deemed worthy of being an NHS member they must maintain a 4.75 GPA and participate in NHS fundraisers and attend all meetings.

Members must also participate in a minimum of 25 hours of community service. Community service opportunities are provided by Lake Park.

A big part of NHS is also to serve as role models for the entire school. This means that all NHS members must volunteer cheerfully at all times and serve as a positive role model outside and inside school.

Being a member of NHS is a big responsibility, but with great responsibility comes great power. Colleges look for NHS members when admitting students as it displays immense maturity and responsibility.

Members of NHS also form a closer connection to their community and give back to the very people who have helped them succeed for the last 3 years of their high school career.

All prospective members must apply by March 2. Members will be contacted around April.