Talent show draws crowd, student performances



Grace Biernacki, Staff Writer

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It is undeniable that Lake Park is teeming with talent, and what better way to showcase it than the annual talent show? This year’s talent show took place on Thursday, February 22nd at 7pm and included a variety of acts, from singing to dancing to musical instruments. The talent show takes place every winter here at Lake Park at west campus, and all students are invited to try out for a spot.

“I haven’t really shown many people my talents, so the talent show was a great way to get out of my bubble, especially since I’m usually shy,” says Abby Fosu, a senior appearing in the show for the second year in a row. “It helps me to get involved in another activity outside of school and meet more people with similar or different talents than me.”

It’s remarkable to see all the hard work and dedication each students puts into their act. Students begin rehearsing several weeks prior to the event, perfecting their talents in order to shine on stage. At the show, the stage becomes filled with passion and great entertainment for the audience.

Each act brings a different story to the table. Some students have strong connections to their music or have been performing their particular act for years. Others dedicate their acts to their loved ones or friends. All-in-all, there’s more to these acts than just the precision or technique, and as a spectator, the emotional aspect is evident in every student.

“I’m always surprised by how awesome so many of our students are, including ones I’ve never met,” remarks Mrs. Talarico, one of the sponsors of the event along with Ms. Perna. “The talent show is such a great way to give students their individual time to shine.”

If you missed this year’s talent show, no need to worry—Lake Park hosts one every year. Auditions are always held first semester, and all students are welcome to showcase their talents. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to shine!

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Talent show draws crowd, student performances