How to dress for success

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

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The SAT is right around the corner. If you say you’re not panicking, you’re lying. Junior year is a stressful time as it is, but the months of March, April and May are arguably the worst. The only thing that can make it easier is dressing well.

You may be wondering what clothes have to do with your score. Well, if you look like a bum, you’re score will be bummy. So here’s why you should look your best in order to do your best.

I’m not saying that you need to be in a suit and tie to get a 1600, but by wearing something that you feel confident in, you’re setting yourself up for success. Yes, sweatpants sure are comfortable but how comfortable are you gonna be when you find out you got a 100 on the test? Psychologically, the way you dress forms other people’s perceptions of you but it also forms your sense of self. All of us know when we look good and when we don’t. On the days we know we look really good, even the sun seems to shine a little brighter.

So what should you wear when you take the SAT? You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new outfit but you could. The SAT is hard so you definitely deserve those new jeans that you’ve been eyeing. If those sweatpants make you feel good, then wear them. If you need to wear a dress, then wear it.

(I will be wearing a dress even though my friends think it’s extra.)

And if you need to wear a suit and tie, wear it!

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How to dress for success