Mental illness subjected to debate

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Mental illness subjected to debate




Yusra Butt, Staff Reporter

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Mental illness- It is a hot topic in America right now as we endure times of parents and educators unable to recognize what it is really is and who has it. Diagnosing depression, anxiety, and various other mental health issues begins with accepting there is a problem.

Why is it that parents and educators have a hard time grasping this is REAL and this is happening to people of all ages around the globe? Perhaps the lack of exposure to this while growing up or the people around them shrugging off the brutal reality of how severe it are factors.

Different cultural ideologies elaborate as to why they do not necessarily believe in what depression is.

Understandably, each culture holds variables that we may not necessarily agree with but when it comes to how someone feels, we should try to understand them rather than shrug them aside and make them feel as if no one understands.

We need to remind people enduring this difficult time they are not alone, this may be outside cultural norms, however, 2018 is all about breaking barriers, isn’t it?

It is time people from different backgrounds leave behind their lack of willingness to learn about these diseases. Just because we can’t physically see any scars on people who are going through a rough time, doesn’t mean they don’t have emotional scars.

If they have the ability to muster the courage and speak up for themselves, society should be combatting depression and mental illnesses rather than degrading those who have or are currently facing it.

We need to progress as a whole and in order to do that we have to open our minds, from teachers to administrations to friends to family. Through this we will be able to better understand this issue that generations of people are facing.

If you know someone struggling, it is your responsibility to help them through any means necessary. Speak up for someone who is unable to speak up for themself. Direct them to resources. Provide them with literature. Listen to them. Most people suffering mental illness are suffering alone; your simple attention can do good, even if it’s not immediately noticeable.

Mental illness. Two words, yet countless ways to end it.

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Mental illness subjected to debate