Tennis team eyes upcoming season with relish

Photo by David Surzykiewicz

Photo by David Surzykiewicz

David Surzykiewicz

David Surzykiewicz

Photo by David Surzykiewicz

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Reporter

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When the weather gets warmer and the sun is shining, it’s pretty easy to tell that spring is well on its way. Along with it, Lake Park sports teams are gearing up for a hard-fought season, with the LP Tennis Team undoubtedly among them.

Despite the frigid cold and bombarding sleet atypical to spring, the real storm still lies ahead. Coach Smith, a coach of JV Tennis, knows this won’t be just another flurry.

“We have very tough competition because we belong to one of the hardest conferences in Illinois (DVC), which has some very large schools such as Nequa Valley, Waubonsie Valley, and the Naperville Schools,” he said. “These schools have presented some of the toughest tests for us.”

By far the most populous of these schools is Nequa Valley, with a student population of 4005 when last measured in 2012. All schools have more than 2,000 students, and are constantly prepared to provide fierce competition.

Knowing full well of the imposing figures made by these schools, tennis coaches are determined to slay these giants. Through rigorous training and indomitable spirit, the Lancers are destined to prove their mettle…once and for all.

“Practice at Lake Park is around two hours long from Monday to Friday, after school, from March to June,” said Coach Smith.
Aspiring Lancer Tennis players are held to perform under strict standards, yet it always pays off.

Despite the looming size of many other DVC schools, LP refuses to be intimidated. Victories and losses are assessed with the surgical precision of a doctor diagnosing a patient.

Tennis players have already come into close and personal contact with their staunch opposition on April 21st and April 16th, standing heel-to-heel with Naperville Central. With the luminous promise of adamant players and courts filled with high standards and higher hopes, coaches develop cutting-edge techniques to take coveted victories.

“We have a total of around 35 players for tennis. Varsity has around 14 players. JV 1 has around 10 players, and JV 2 has 10 players also,” said Smith.

This varied arrangement of players will likely give way to a new era of LP tennis, an age dominated not by Wildcats or Huskies or Falcons, but an epoch where Lancers charge forward.

In light of the virtuous challengers beckoned forth by the Lancer Nation, the competition will adhere to their long-held titles like glue.

“We expect our players to learn and improve on their physical and mental state. This means to work on your nerves to play well. They must improve on their reflexes, speed, and also intelligence to learn how to compete as a team or individual,” Coach Smith said.

In the 13 matches and eight tournaments that have yet to rage on, the Lancers may acquire victories to astound and astonish. No quarter will be given. No time will be wasted.

As Naperville, Neuqua, and many more schools quake in their tennis shoes, the LP Tennis Team charges on.

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Tennis team eyes upcoming season with relish