Earth Club continues environmental mission

Maya Stawarski, Perspective Editor

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In 1970, 22 million people celebrated clean air, land and water in what became the first Earth Day. Now, we celebrate the participation of individuals to try and get our Earth back to that dream.

Lake Park’s Earth Club, a student-driven organization, planned on hosting an Earthfest Carnival with concessions, a bake sale, environmental themed activities, and a school-wide dodgeball tournament on Friday, May 11th to gain support and raise money towards the Will B. Foundation, The Huntington Disease Society of America, and All for One, which provides funds to help refugees from North Korea start a life in the United States.

The event was cancelled due to low ticket sales, but don’t count Earth Club out yet. They still plan to keep up the fight.

Along with the Carnival, Earth Club is also working towards purchasing larger recycling bins for the cafeteria and new recycling bins throughout the East and West campus buildings. The Earth Club is purchasing disposable glove recycling containers used by the science classes at West Campus as well.

Our ecological footprint is overall getting bigger in a negative way, and there are many things that people our age can do to reduce this footprint.

“Eating less meat is the number one thing students can do to reduce their ecological footprint.  A great deal of water is used, air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gases are emitted come the animals used by the meat industry.  This includes not only the meat from animals, but dairy and egg products, too,” said sponsor Lesley Pierce.

“Students can reuse school supplies such as binders and spirals for other classes which they are enrolled in during their next year in school. Of course recycling is another easy step students could participate in by using those recycling bins purchased by Earth Club,” she said.

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Earth Club continues environmental mission