Summer fashion trends

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

Can you believe that there are only 4 more weeks until the end of the year? As exciting as that is, it’s an extremely stressful time. I’m not talking about the school stuff like finals or AP exams or whatever. I’m talking about the important stuff … what to wear. This season I’m expecting many different looks. Here are a few…

  1. Cropped Jumpsuits

Ok, ok, this one is not from an expert, this is all me but I have a huge feeling that jumpsuits are about to BLOW up. Last week, I wore this cute little number from Socialite that I found at Nordstrom. These are perfect for the warmer weather as the shorter length allows for air to circulate and you won’t suffocate. Another plus is the culloute bottoms look super chic. Look at Nordstrom and Target for affordable options.  

  1. Striped Flowy Shorts

For my birthday, I received a pair of these from a friend who had tried them on herself but though they were a little too long. She said she instantly thought of me when she discovered the modest length. I laughed when she made fun of me since our idea of the perfect short length varied so drastically. The flowiness of this type of short adds an illusion of length if you are uncomfortable with normal shorts but it does not subtract style.

  1. Denim Dresses

In the fall, mini denim skirts were all the rage but now a new style for denim has emerged – dresses. You may have the misconception that denim dresses are rigid and starchy but remember that denim is just cotton. Stores like Abercrombie and Gap offer all types of fit and flare dresses that are flattering on every body type.