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Several members of the Class of 2018 wrote in to tell us what they learned or what they will miss from Lake Park High School. They also gave us some baby pictures. Can you match the baby with the quotation? Check our print edition to see how close you got!

“Throughout my four years at Lake Park, not only have I learned new math equations or literary devices but also the value of strong friendships, selflessness, and developing as an individual. I will truly miss the fun memories I’ve made at Lake Park. Here’s to a new chapter of life!”
-Grace Biernacki

“I am most grateful for the experiences I have had, as I feel that I have grown as an individual and feel that I can see who I will become. Leaving Lake Park is definitely going to be hard/sad, but I am excited to continue my journey in discovering who I will become!”
-Serena Mistry

“I’ve seen and experienced a lot of change in the halls of these two campuses. I’ve grown up a lot here, and I can’t wait to explore the college life with all that this place has taught me. Thanks for the life lessons, the friendships, and the laughs, LP!”
-Holli Chandler

“It’s kind of sad to leave LP, but it also feels like the right time to move on. Hopefully I’ve contributed to Lake Park’s legacy, but if not, then at least I hope that I can come back one day in the future as a proud alum.”
-Kacper Pachut

“I truly appreciate all that Lake Park has done for
me as a student and as an individual. Through my academic and extracurricular challenges, I feel like my best advice would be to make the best of every situation despite previous attitudes about it. I also believe that everyone should take an opportunity to do something they love because in the end, we all possess the power to create ourselves and where we are going. I’m exhilarated to see what the future holds for me, but I will also forever cherish the friendships I’ve made, events I’ve done, and valuable life lessons I’ve learned here.”

-Maria Cieslarczyk

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