LP Seniors: One step closer to adulthood

Alex Tsymbalisty, Perspective Editor

For the past eight months Lake Park’s seniors have been in the process of applying to colleges and exploring post-graduation opportunities.

Based on past data, most seniors will be choosing to go to college. According to 2017 graduation statistics about 92 percent of Lake Park graduates attended college.

Of this 92 percent, 68 percent chose to attend a four-year college and 24 percent chose to attend a two-year college.

The second most popular choice after college is employment with about 3 percent of students choosing to enter the workforce immediately after high school.

Three percent of graduates also stated they were unsure about their destination after high school.
The final category was those who chose to enlist in the armed forces with around 2% of graduates.

In terms of total graduation, about 92.3 percent of Lake Park seniors graduated on time. This is above the national average of 84 percent and the state average of 85.2 percent. Lake Park is also above average when it comes to college enrollment. Nationally, only about 66.7 percent of high school graduates pursue a college education.

Overall, Lake Park has seemed to avoid the current trend of declining college enrollment and continues to have above average graduation rates and college attendance rates.