Mission: Impossible Fallout delivers

Charles Stark, Staff Writer

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it” is one of the many choices Ethan Hunt must answer in the newest installment of the Mission: Impossible series. Mission: Impossible has had many movies in their series but most of them did not do well with audiences because of their confusing stories and just blatantly not caring for continuity or story. Mission: Impossible Fallout on the other hand makes up for the failure of some of the other entries in the series.

Some things I thought were more enjoyable in this movie more than the other movies were that they added a sense of humor to the characters so the characters aren’t stone cold the entire movie. Of course who could forget about Tom Cruise and the entire crew’s first-rate acting. In most of the stunts his character does Cruise does most of them himself, in one case filming one of the stunts Cruise broke his foot jumping from roof to roof.

Mission: Impossible Fallout has a very easy to follow plot and makes their characters feel more like humans then characters. The movie takes place after the last movie where Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) must hunt down the plutonium under the watch of the President and her soldier August Walker (Henry Cavill) she sent to watch Ethan and his crew. Ethan comes across many old friends in his work and he must choose whether or not to do the right thing which involves saving one of the world’s most dangerous villains Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) who almost ruined Ethan’s life and family many times. Ethan comes across his ex-fling Ilsa (Rebecca Ferguson) and has to choose between her and the lives of many.

As you know if you’ve ever watched any of the other Mission Impossible movies, Ethan does not like to leave people behind so he must find a way to capture the plutonium, help Ilsa, stay undercover, and of course, make the Impossible Mission possible.