The domino effect of Lancer kindness

Ana Tellez, Staff Writer

Have you ever been fascinated by how kind someone is? Every single day. It’s kind of amazing just to see different people treat everyone they interact with with such friendliness.

A lot of the time I’m just like “How are they so nice?” I’m not saying they shouldn’t be nice to others, it’s just really inspiring and motivating that a person is always kind in any situation. It just feels very fulfilling when you so people do good, especially in today’s world.

Kindness is evident every day around Lake Park. It’ll be different people at different times, and it always makes me happy and just lifts up the atmosphere of my day.

There are so many students that are kind to others, and there are a few that stand out.

Lake Park students Maddie Hatfield, Alfonso Munaco, Abhi Patel, Jillian Mcauliffe, and Tommy Krokos. They are always spreading kindness all around Lake Park and helping others whenever possible; Always spreading those positive vibes.

Hatfield defines or considers a random act of kindness as “something you do to help someone without even thinking about it. You just do it and you’re not trying to do it for anything in return and you’re just doing it out of the kindness of your heart.”

Hatfield said she always tries to be kind to someone, even if they’re acting rude or mean because “you don’t know what they’re going through and that may be causing them to act the way that they are.”

Munaco spoke of kindness as a domino effect.

“I’d probably say my friend Nathanael Merchant (represents kindness to me),” he said. “For example, if something doesn’t work out in football, he is not the one to point fingers. He tries to pick everyone up because we’re a team and I think that’s really nice.”

He also mentioned his parents and their empathy and guidance. “Because of them and how they raised me, I think that is what makes my morals what they are and causes me to be kind to others.”

When asked if he could think of any random act of kindness he’s performed, Abhi Patel shared a very inspiring, heart-warm and quick story. He told how once he found a twenty dollar bill in the streets of Chicago. He chose not to keep it and decided to give it to a homeless man that he saw. That’s kindness right there folks.

Patel also shared that one of the kindest people he knows was his friend Emma Thorne.

“She’s always supportive and nice and has qualities of a good friend,” Abhi said. “My dad inspires me too… When he first came to the U.S. he didn’t have a lot of money with him, but he would always help out other people that were in need too. So, I find that really cool because it’s really hard to help out people when you’re not in a position to help them, but he took that initiative so he’s a role model for me too.”

When asked what she does when someone isn’t being kind back, Jillian McAuliffe said she “Keeps going because you don’t know if anyone is having a bad day, and that sucks, so I just try to be happy towards everyone and kind towards everyone.”

McAuliffe said her mother was one of the kindest people she knows because “she will literally out of her way to do something for anyone, even if she doesn’t know them… And she really raised me to be that way as well and I appreciate her so much for it.

“In general, I’m very attracted to people who are kind,” she said. “Like if you’re nice and mean it from your heart, then I like wanna be your friend.”

Tommy Krokos said empathy directed his reactions when confronted with people not at their best.

He feels “kind of bad because being nice just feels so good inside and fun but they won’t get to feel that, you know.

“I like to think I’m a kind person, but it’s not up to me to decide,” he said. “It’s up to how other people perceive me, so I try to be kind.”

Spreading kindness is like a domino effect: one act of kindness will cause another to be done. These responses demonstrate that the world also has a lot of goodness and warmth. It is so amazing how so much kindness occurs in the halls and classrooms of Lake Park. Let’s continue to spread this kindness and remind others that it is fun to be friendly.

It’s not always easy but it’s worth it and you’ll never regret being kind. Will you spread kindness? What random act of kindness will you perform today? Will you put effort into kindness every day?

Be the reason someone smiles today. Be good to people for no reason. Spread a little bit of sunshine and be kind. Always.