Homecoming dream dress tips

Sarah Abraham, Staff Writer

Homecoming for most of us is just a short 3 weeks away. If you don’t have your dress by now, chances are you’re freaking out. I know I was until yesterday when i finally ordered my dress. If you haven’t find anything you’ve liked so far, don’t worry. Read on to find out more about this year’s homecoming trends.

EmbroideryNo, embroidery is not just something on your grandmother’s curtains. This year it’s fashion! An embroidered dress will stand out in a sea of plain 2 pieces. Dresses range from high end stores like Nordstrom for $400 to normal stores where you can get them for under $100.

FloralSomething else that’s super hot right now is a plain top with an intricate floral skirt that’s uber poofy! People tend to stay away from floral as it’s often deemed childish but with the right hair and makeup, anyone can pull it off.

via promgirl.com

Halter neckSick of wearing the same old spaghetti strap dress? An interesting neckline can create a uniqueness to an otherwise simple dress. Halter dresses can be found for a good price if the dress is a little on the plain side but the different neckline will definitely make you turn heads.  

RedSay goodbye to darker colors like navy blue and hunter green. That’s so 2017. I’m not talking burgundy or maroon, I’m talking cherry red. Red is a color that flatters all skin tones so check that off the list. Stores like Windsor sell some pretty awesome red dresses for less than $60 which is unheard of!

At the end of the day, as long as you feel beautiful, are comfortable and can have a good time with your closest friends, you’re wearing the right dress. Happy hunting!