Lake Park beefs up security, adds personnel

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

In twenty-first century American culture, the amount of gun violence that happens at schools has skyrocketed.

We see evidence of this every day on the news, since school shooting has had an upscale occurrence these last few years. Due to this, the security in schools has become much more strict. To see this play out, simply take a look at Lake Park High School.

When Lancers arrived at school after summer break, there were many distinct changes security-wise. Even upon the students’ arrival, they were met with one of the security updates, as they were directed to walk in through the doors that lead into the cubed room in the lobby instead of through the side doors.  

Like airports and other secure facilities, the best practice is to have all building occupants enter and exit through a secure area,” said Safety and Security Coordinator Timothy Cook. “ A single point of entry that is monitored by security is the best way the district can ensure the safety of all occupants of the buildings.”

Cook himself reflects another change at Lake Park. His position is a new one, and he is responsible for overseeing issues affecting the safety and security of students, staff and campus visitors. This includes physical security like door locks and camera maintenance, as well as planning and preparation.

Lake Park also now has evening and weekend security staff monitoring hallways and entrances, as well as two monitors for all lunch periods and improved and additional security cameras.

Not only has the school made change with the door system but also other safety precautions have been put in place. This includes but is not limited to the application of window hardening film to all interior and exterior windows and new/additional camera system that has been installed to replace the outdated hardware that the school previously used.

“The visitors have to come through the cube entrance for safety precautions,” said Herbert Rodriguez, security guard.“It’s the first step in our safety process in the school.”

As the school reinitiates older rules that need to be practiced more and implement new rules that keep our school safe, the student body needs to remember to do our part in helping our community and school safety.One of biggest thing that the school asks of students is to make sure their school is secured at all times and that no outside person is let into the building.

With this and the other rules that are being implemented into the school, Lake Park is ensuring what it can for a safe and happy school year.