New charging stations slowly gaining popularity

Maya Stawarski, Perspective Editor

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         Recently, Lake Park High School has been introducing a new type of technology in the halls: charging ports. These bulky devices are able to carry cell phones, laptops, and tablets in little lockers and charge them while you’re in class.

         These devices are located by the science wing of Lake Park West, and in a classroom located in the math department. To use the chargers, one must open one of the lockers, place their phone in the charger and then lock the locker. Then, one received a code in which will unlock that locker when the student is finished using it.

         “I know that the stations are there, but I never get the time during passing period to charge my phone,” said Alex Sanchez, senior. “I think they should be more present in classrooms rather than the halls.”

         Most students are confused about this technology, for many individuals don’t know how to use it, and some students don’t even recall there being this new device. Some individuals are even aware of these being present, but they’ve never come across them either.

         Alberto Herrera, senior, elaborates on the new devices.

         “I knew we had charging stations, but I never saw them. Even if I did find one, I don’t think I would use it because I don’t like my phone being out of reach, especially if someone can find the code and just take my phone. I bring my own charger to school,” he said.

         Physics teacher Todd Mickley has a charging station right outside classroom.

         “I have never actually seen any students interact with it,” he said. “I’ve seen messages on the device saying that it’s full, but I’ve never seen anybody put in or take out anything from it.”

         Although the charging stations can be very helpful, many students come to agree that it hasn’t been introduced to us in a formal way, therefore making it difficult to find and use them.

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New charging stations slowly gaining popularity