Lake Park math team prepares for first home competition

Riley Ellison, Staff Writer

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As fall starts, Math Team continues to prepare for their first home competition on Thursday, October 11. This multi-grade level team has been practicing since early September and is eager to compete.

But what does a math team competition include? As Clint Anticevich, one of the five math team coaches says, “Each competition has about five to six schools competing. For Thursday’s competition, Lake Park will be up against 4 other schools. Each grade level gets a different topic of focus, for example, the freshmen will be focusing on ratios, proportion, and percent.”

Jasmine Perez, a senior math team member, adds “Each grade had a team of 5 competitors, the rest are alternates. Before the competition, we usually get something to eat that’s around the area. When we get to the competition, we do any last minute review and practice and afterwards we just chill out.”

Math team has practices often, focusing on improving the team’s math knowledge and problem-solving skills. Senior member Emma Dover says, “We practice twice a week. The team is divided by grade, so people practice with other people in their grade. We spend time learning the material, then do practice contests.

To those who worry that their math abilities are lacking, senior member Emma Dover says, “Anyone can join! There’s a lot of time for practice, and participating helps hone your math skills. You’ll never know if you like it if you never try. It’s never too late in the year to come to your first practice.”

“If anyone is remotely interested, they should definitely go to one of the practices. We’re always looking for more people to join, especially the current seniors,” says Jasmine.

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Lake Park math team prepares for first home competition