Mock Election at Lake Park High School has Accurate Results.

League of Women host mock election at Lake Park High School.

Alex Tsymbalisty, Perspective Editor

On Thursday, September 21st, Lake Park High School held a mock election during lunch periods at both East and West Campus.

The mock election, hosted by the League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization based in DuPage County, committed to educating potential voters, was a chance for students to see how the voting works and to prepare them for the actual election in November.

In terms of authenticity, the mock election was as real as an election.

“The procedure of the mock election is quite close to the real thing” said Gina Mayo, who teaches Civics in Action classes and helped to organize the election.

“The voting booths are brought in from the DuPage County Election Commission.  Students are given actual ballots as well in these voting booths. When voting is complete, students fed the ballot counter their official ballot, which is again what occurs when voting on Election Day.  The League of Women Voters even concluded the mock election with what happens on Election Day, which is giving everyone the ‘I Voted’ sticker”.

In addition to receiving a neat sticker, voters are also educated about how the voting process works and how easy voting really is.

“The purpose of the mock election is to really raise awareness about the process of voting and showing students that civic education is important” Mayo said. “A lot of students did not know very much about the candidates on the ballot, and hopefully many of them will want to find out more about the platforms and views of candidates when it comes to actually voting for who they want to represent them in government.”

The winners of Lake Park’s election were JB Pritzker for Governor, Kwame Raoul for Attorney General, Jesse White for Secretary of State, and Raja Krishnamoorthi for U.S. Representative. These results matched closely with the predictions for the actual election in November.