Theater puts interesting take on Robin Hood

Seth Caines, Editor

Lake Park’s children’s play this year, “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood”, was a hit amongst the elementary and middle schoolers who came to see the show, as well as the general public. The show was performed for the surrounding schools on October 9-10, and was performed for the general public on October 11.

“Every single performance has been great so far!” said Clarissa Consoli, the stage manager of the play, “every individual personality of each character was well developed, which helped the play succeed in its story.”

The story of “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood” differs slightly from the original tale of Robin Hood, thus the name the “Somewhat” True Tale. This story includes the original characters of the story like Robin Hood (Seth Caines), Lady Marian (Abby Manning), Prince John (Riley Mahoney), The Sheriff of Nottingham (Brett Tobler), Towns Gal (Angela Kalish), and many more.

According to people involved with the production, the play was interesting to perform and create because the director and stage managers had to find a way to make the show appealing to both children and adults, since a large range of age groups were all seeing the play.

Consoli said, “Since we had to make it appealing to a large group of people, we tried to fit in lots of jokes that would make more sense for different age groups”

The play had a strong moral side, telling the original moral of the Tale of Robin Hood, but also adding life lessons for the children. Throughout the whole entire show Robin Hood and the Towns Gal constantly break the 4th wall of acting by speaking directly to the audience.

Athens Boyle, who played Friar Tuck in Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men, said “There were a lot of morals all throughout the play, whether it was to ‘help people in need’ or to ‘not be bossy just because you’re popular’, there are many lessons that the show teaches.”

The play ended up having 4 performances.

The Lake Park High School Theater Department prepares for their next performance, “Over the Tavern” which premieres Nov 8-10.