Cross Country team keeps up determination with its last weeks

Cross Country team has exciting plans for the rest of the season.

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

The 2018 Cross Country season has gone tremendously well thus far. Through the tremendous coaching and the determination of the athletes, the cross country team has led victory run after victory run. The team has seen many PR’s (Personal Records) so far this season.

Kate Kirkham, Cross Country athlete, said “This season has gone very well! Our varsity team has done really well this year and there has been a lot of PRs lately which has boosted up our team’s confidence a lot.”

The constant practice of the athletes as well as their determination  has allowed the team to perform at high levels and break these personal records.

The team focuses on specific schedules in order to have the best possible conference. The days can be intense, but their determination never ceases to disappear.

Kirkham said, “We have a warm up run somewhere between .5-1.5 miles and have warm-ups based on whether it is a high day (Mon & Wed) or a low day. Low days can be anywhere from like 2-6 miles while high days are shorter but faster”

Though this can seem like torture to some, the Cross Country athletes find a way to make running tremendous amounts bearable. Whether it be their tunnel vision focus on whatever PR they’re trying to accomplish just the genuine enjoyment of running, The athletes are always look on the bright side of things.

Our sport is every other sports punishment.. It takes a certain person to come out every day and run. No one really knows that we are out there and no one really mentions it. We don’t really mind that much though because everyone is pretty close knit.” said Kirkham

Through hard work and diligence, the Cross Country kids can withstand anything that comes in their path. Good luck to the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams as they compete through Conference, Sectionals, and State!