Fashion trends that simply will not go away


Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

There are certain things that people never grow out of. Drinking a coffee at the same time every day, repeating the same joke, or even how they answer their phone when someone calls.

But one thing a lot of people do not grow out of is how they dress and even accessorize.

Part of growing up is maturing your style and slowly growing into your adult self. With the glory of being so young, students and young adults can wear whatever they want with the most amount of confidence.

Our style is what we use to express ourselves and show our true colors. We express ourselves through bracelets, earrings, rings, or even HOW we wear our clothes. Some people like to wear their clothes short or long and some people have worn the same bracelet since 6th grade because they “refuse” to take it off.

The first example we need to watch out for is the scrunchie. The ultimate hairpiece and the ultimate wrist accessory. Girls will spend so much money at many stores just to find the perfect scrunchie that no other girl has. The new hair tie has now been evicted and has been given new standards to live up to.

The next example is the friendship bracelet. These are now customized with inside jokes and things only the person rocking it understands. Not only do a few friends wear them, a whole friend group can be in on these. Plastic beads are making a comeback and now not only posing a choking hazard, they also pose a reason for your parents to ask what your bracelet says.

Senior, Chloe Ferguson says, “I really love bracelets and they mean a lot to me if I get to share one with someone.”

The last example is the forgotten under a shirt metal eyelet belt. The one that your best friend has worn since the seventh grade is still in full tact and not letting anything stop her from showing her true colors. The way that the eyelets have been tarnished shows their true age and the way that they canvas of the belt is fraying should show that she hasn’t given a single thought to another belt in almost five years.

Not only are these fashion trends still flying their true colors, they are still what we need to express ourselves and show through fact that human are creatures of habit.