Lake Park Wrestling prepares for cut-throat season

Lake Park High School Wrestling Team start’s training for competition against a new conference.

David Surzykiewicz, Staff Writer

Fall sports are over. Snow covers the ground. Welcome to the world of Lake Park Wrestling. After the fall sports season, Lancers stand ready for an eventful winter of wrestling. After moving to the DuKane County Conference, Lake Park will meet never before seen opposition, prompting coaches to uphold rigorous standards at competition and practice.

Despite the untested conference, Lake Park Wrestling boldly ventures into a new season of competition.
After weeks of dedicated training, Lake Park’s first wrestling matches loom visibly on the horizon.
Coach Peter Willis remarked that “the Annual Chris Hruska Wrestling Classic is coming up” for Varsity. Lancers will soon be introduced to the capabilities of their newest adversaries, and have dedicated themselves to preparation. Coach Willis has established a practice routine for the upcoming matches, and expects the full attention of his athletes. In practice, Coach Willis established that “Practice consists of a warmup, new technique being taught, practicing the new technique ‘live’, and concluding with strength and conditioning training.”

Practice is designed to replicate the physically demanding conditions of a wrestling match, thus transforming participants into competent wrestlers. Coaches seek to foster both a sense of brotherhood in the program, while also maintaining a competitive mindset.
Historically, Lake Park’s Wrestling program has seen both stunning success and an impressive number of state qualifying wrestlers.

Coach Willis said, “Vince Lievik at 152 pounds and DeMarco Lee at 195 pounds both qualified for state competition, and Lee took 5th place.”

In the face of this great leap forward for a flourishing program, Lake Park’s wrestling program continues to crave success, dreaming of many ambitious goals for the future.

Coach Willis stated, “The main goal is to keep building our program by increasing the number of participants; creating purpose, brotherhood, and pride in Lake Park Wrestling, and always staying competitive, preparing our athletes for success on all levels, and continuing to advance our team to state levels for qualifiers and champions.”

The same drive for success has transformed many inexperienced first-year participants into exemplary wrestlers.

Varsity wrestlers who hope to lead Lake Park to the State Championships and can lead Lake Park Wrestling into even greater prosperity: DeMarco Lee, Damian Frugowitz, and Carlos Areliano. At Lake Park, dependable Varsity wrestlers are crucial to the future of the program, as they provide guidance to less experienced athletes.

Unlike other programs, wrestling is unique in its emphasis on allowing athletes to learn from each other. Independence and flexibility are the some of the hallmarks of Lake Park’s victories in wrestling.

As a result of guidance of both coaches and other wrestlers, freshman rising stars are already visible early in the season. Coach Willis identified both Dominic Mallinder and Joe Olalde as some of the program’s most eminent freshmen.

Nearing the beginning of competition, Lake Park wrestling is enthusiastic for the matches to come in the new Kane County Conference. With vigorous practice and eager spirit, Lake Park wrestlers stand prepared to meet the new competition.