Improvedy show makes triumphant return to Lake Park

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

Every year, the Lake Park High School Theatre Department has a night of Improvedy, a fundraiser hosted by Lake Park thespians in which they host a series of improv shows and comedy skits.

Tonight’s performance is at the Dice Auditorium at East Campus, at 7 pm.

“There’s a lot to expect this year,” said Erik Uppling, theatre director. “Expect a lot of laughs.”

Every year there is a different theme for the thespians to perform in. This year the theme is Disney heroes and villains.

Improvedy also involves teachers and gives them the opportunity to perform on stage along their fellow students.  The teachers and thespians work together to raise money for trips and future productions.

“The teachers and thespians will be doing improv together to raise money for charities,” said Uppling.

There are many different donation locations for this year’s performance, but the main place that the funds are being raised for is the thespians’ trip to London this upcoming summer.