GSA: Not just a safe place

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is the new safe place. The Gender and Sexuality Alliance formerly known as “Gay Straight Alliance,” welcomes all and develops a calm environment when you first step in the door. Meetings are every Tuesday at East Campus in room 231. Lead by Melissa Cicora and Kaylee Siemon, these women work to make the club a safe place for everyone. With more underclassmen than upper, the club is always looking for more people to join.

Cicora said, “The club wants to make a safe place for everyone regarding sexuality, a place to discuss current issues, and a place to be apart of social activism,”

The group is not just about LGBTQ+, they focus on current events and celebrating each other in a positive way. They always keep anything confidential within and outside of the group. Having a place to go and express feelings towards the world today helps give everyone reassurance that nothing will stop them from being themselves and striving with complete potential. This club focuses on positivity on being confident with their sexuality and being proud of who they are and will become.

This group welcomes everyone with their preferred pronouns, what name they would like to be called, and something positive that has happened to them in the recent past. Not only does the group talk about current events, they also plan to attend and be apart of parades for Lake Park and even plan their own events to raise money for their club. The club also advertises themselves at the activities fair where students can see what the club plans to do and what to expect when joining. They also have designed posters for themselves for all students to view and remind them that GSA is always looking for members.

Contact Ms. Cicoria at west or Mrs. Sieman at east for more details.