Try it, you’ll strike it

Jenna Hanson, Perspective Editor

A winter sport that doesn’t have enough support is girls bowling. This group of 22 girls bring their best and bowl their hearts out. Being a woman today is not easy, but through bowling, these girls are able to come together and support each other through fair competition. With 24 meets in their season, not only are they travelling, but also staying close to home at Brunswick Zone in Roselle.

The team consists of girls from all years, starting in freshman year all the way up to senior. Jordan Connelly and Emily Kress, seniors on the bowling team, both share how they have changed and became more empowered through being apart of this sport.

Three year team captain, Jordan Connelly says, “Joining the team has only brought friendships that I will always have.”

Two year captain, Emily Kress says, “I never imagined myself on the team or doing anything like this, but I do not regret a single day.”

Girls bowling makes every meet the most competitive it can be. The other schools don’t what’s coming when this group walks in the door. The coaching staff also makes all wins possible for this team. With three coaches, the girls have an unlimited amount of resources when it comes to seeking help for anything. Head Coach Theresa Czerniak is someone all of the girls look up to. She is more than coach to the team. Czerniak is a mentor and a role model.

Through friendly competition and bowling, these girls are able to come together to form a bond like no other. Not only do their lives revolve around bowling during the winter months, they also help each other with homework and hang out outside of the meets and practices.

Jordan Connelly also states, “Bowling has helped me become more disciplined and figure out time management. Short of practices and meets, these girls have really whipped me into shape with my work and self-motivation.”

Emily Kress jumps in, “I definitely see myself as apart of this team and also apart of the classroom as well. I have seen girls doing this their first year and coming out of their shells and almost turning into this new person. I really like watching that positive change just because they made some new friends.”

You have heard it here, folks. Girls bowling is not just a sport or a friend group, it is also a bond of women looking out for each other.