LP security works actively, judiciously to assess threats

Seth Caines, Perspective Editor

Lake Park High School has a thorough system when it comes to the safety of the students.

Through the proactiveness of the people involved in the process of keeping our students safe, we find Lake Park a safe learning environment.

Timothy Cook, Safety & Security Coordinator, said “The school has implemented a threat assessment team to identify individuals who might be a threat to the school and then take steps to mitigate and manage these threats.  We have started the see something say something campaign because all school shootings had aspects that were known to other individuals and early warning is the best factor in prevention.  

“Staff has had training on identifying warning signs and our security force has increased dramatically this past year,” he said.

The implementation of these threat detecting systems helps the Lake Park students, faculty, and community feel safe. It is very important for the school to be able to, after being notified of a threat to the school, to tell the Lake Park community about the problems efficiently and safely.

Cook said, “The biggest challenge is to get accurate information out quickly.  Rumors and misinformation do the most damage and alarm people the most. The information we send out has to be vetted and credible.

“We will always send out information on any potential problem because we want what is best for our community,” he said. “Once again we are very conservative so any potential for violence is taken seriously.”

After a threat has been detected, immediate action will be taken to make sure the students are as safe as possible, the usual response being a school lockdown. They do this in order to keep a calm and collected atmosphere while assessing the situation at hand.

Cook said “We may lockdown at any time once we suspect that the school would be in danger.  The same goes for evacuation. We will always make sure the students and staff our safe.”

Student safety is a priority when it comes to a healthy school environment. When there is a threat online, many times the input and the feelings of the student have to be remembered.
Graham Paisley, junior, said “At school, I feel like I’m safe because I know that if anything happens, the school will put their maximum effort into helping me, but I am still put on edge a bit because there’s still a bit of a safety problem within schools these days.”

The Lake Park Security Personnel have been putting their best foot forward to try and combat threats that are harmful to the school.

The matter is investigated vigorously to determine the actual potential for violence,” Cook said. “We are very conservative here at LP so if there is any danger students would not be allowed at school. We work hard to keep the school safe.”