Grammy Awards become the Hump Day of the entertainment world

Ana Tellez, Staff Writer

Ah, the Grammys: The night where multiple artists of different genres gather together to celebrate the earth’s one language of music and recognize some of them for their talent and hard work.

I was very excited these past two weeks for the award show, especially because one of my personal favorite artists, Shawn Mendes, was nominated (twice!) for the first time ever in his career (not to be all sappy and dramatic, but I’ve supported him since 2015 and so I get a little emotional, what can I say). The show was sort of like Hump Day: the beginning  was Wednesday, and it kinda went down-hill from there. Let me elaborate.

The  61st annual Grammy Awards was hosted by the lovely and stunning Alicia Keys. When I found out about this, I was surprised yet pleased; Keys is crazy-talented and carries a well-mannered image. She did seem nervous throughout the show at times, but overall, she was fun and handled it all very well. She even did a small karaoke-medley segment which was very soothing for my ears. The show was opened by Camila Cabello singing her pop-hit “Havana” and the performance (that Cabello, backup dancers, instrument players, and etc gave) displayed much Hispanic culture with the Havana, Cuba set, and a variety of dance styles and costumes involved.

I surprisingly ended up liking it because all I could think about during the beginning was this song again? Oh jeez. However, it was very vibrant, but the best part was when Ricky Martin joined her. Later on, Lady Gaga, Jada Smith, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and First Lady Michelle Obama gave a surprise speech about the importance of music and how it affects us all, and to sum it all up, the crowd cheered for the first lady for a good 15 seconds. At that moment, the Grammy stage has so much power!

Moving along, Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus did an outstanding performance of “In My Blood”, and to give you an idea, their vocals were enough for the entire performance.  There was also the iconic sister duo Chloe x Halle who gracefully performed, as usual, and H.E.R was just astonishing to watch.

As the show continued, there were multiple and technological/camera mistakes and it all looked messy (psst.. This is the part where that bad section of the hump-day pattern starts). For instance, Drake’s award-speech was cut off and there were awkward angles during transitions. In my opinion, Kacey Musgraves’ performance of her song “Rainbow” was quite bland and boring, which surprised me because I usually enjoy her. But whatever, a boring Grammy performance won’t hurt, right?

Now when it comes to the Motown tribute, I honestly cringed; Jennifer Lopez was the one chosen to lead it and well, let’s just say Twitter wasn’t very happy about Lopez being chosen and neither was I (C’mon people! It’s Motown! There are many others who are alive and capable of leading and giving a better representation of the culture). Basically, the show just got boring during the second-half (many other performances didn’t have much flavor and didn’t interest me, so I put the TV on mute and scrolled through my phone until they were over)  and nothing else exciting or worth-remembering happened. The ending of the award show left me thinking, bleh, it’s over, I can finally go to bed now.

The only thing (towards the end) that I can fully recollect is Diana Ross celebrating her 75th birthday and that’s it.

So yes, hump-day starts off with a high, but later throughout the week, things just begin to settle down and get either messy or boring. Don’t get me wrong, the Grammys weren’t terrible, just disappointing. But at least the first half was exciting, right?