Grammys tank for yet another year, wallowing in popularity

Alex Tsymbalisty, Perspective Editor

Another year, another disappointing Grammys. It’s almost a tradition at this point that the Grammys will pick the “wrong” winners. Instead of opting for the most creative and musically-rich artist, the esteemed Grammy judges choose the more popular and “safe” album.

 Take for instance this year’s Rap Album of the Year Award. Cardi B took this year’s award for her Invasion of Privacy album. The winner wasn’t really important. Cardi B’s album was good and it certainly wasn’t undeserving of an award.

But, when compared to the category? It wasn’t the worst album, but it certainly wasn’t the best album. Even looking at the previous winners, it just didn’t have the same impact.

And therein lies the problem: the Grammys are completely disconnected from the Hip-Hop world. The reason probably has to do with the fact that, despite becoming the country’s most popular genre, rap is still seen by an older generation as a bunch of thugs and gangsters rapping about women, drugs, and crime.

The people who pick the winners are just not in touch with the Hip-Hop community. Just look at the winner for Best Rap Song. Like it or not, “Sicko Mode” was the better (and more influential) song. But, “God’s Plan”, the song that had a music video of Drake giving money to poor people, was more safe and brand friendly.

The common defense against Grammy criticism is “it’s just an opinion bro, just because the Grammys made a decision you disagree with doesn’t mean they’re wrong.”

But that completely misses the point. The Grammys is an award show meant to award  the best art in each category. When awards are given away at random and don’t have any rhyme or reason behind them, they become meaningless.

But, then again, the Grammys have been a meaningless pat on the back for the decaying carcass of the music industry for a long time now. Why change it now?